BUSCH Vacuum Pumps

We deliver Busch vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors, and original accessory.  For a purchase of Busch products please contact us with a description of an application within which you are using the device. Based on our experiences, we shall design for you suitable products or a complete system.

Service of Busch Products

Our company carries out a service for all Busch vacuum pumps and blowers. We perform overhauls of Busch vacuum pumps and a service of vacuum units in customer sites. We have on hand spare parts and spare devices for lending. Our mail-order sends expendable parts as oils and filters for Busch vacuum pumps.

Busch Products

 Busch vacuum systems encompass vacuum pumps, boosting vacuum pumps, accumulators of vacuum, vacuum pump control systems, filters, separators, valve systems, and pipework. Below, you can find the summary of individual vacuum pump types.

Busch R5

Busch R5

Busch R5 oil lubricated vacuum pumps have widespread use in industrial applications. The most widespread version of the vacuum pump is rotary vane, oil lubricated vacuum pump R5. Bush R5 vacuum pumps are being used especially for a vacuum packaging and work with an increased humidity of intake medium. Types: R5 0010, R5 0016, R5 0021, R5 0025, R5 0050, R5 0100, R5 0160, R5 0302, R5 0630, R5 1000, R5 1600.

Busch SECO

Busch SECO

SECO dry running vacuum pumps are lubricated by graphite lamellas that ensure oil-free operation which is more ecological in comparison with R5 vacuum pumps. SECO vacuum pumps can be used as a vacuum pump or compressor.



COBRA screw vacuum pumps are oil-free vacuum pumps. The vacuum pumps are intended for production of deep vacuum of 0.01-0.05mbar and pumping speeds up to 720m3/h.

Busch MINK

Busch MINK

Bush MINK claw vacuum pump is an oil-free vacuum pump that generates vacuum by a movement of two claws. The vacuum pump can reach the pressure of 20-250mbar and pumping speed up to 580mbar.

SAMOS Blowers


A side channel blower employs a laminar flow for high flow rate of air up to 1400m3/h. The blowers are being used in waste water treatment stations.

Busch DOPHYN Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps


The vacuum pump generates vacuum by a water ring centrifugal force. It is suitable for applications where great quantity impurities enter to the vacuum pump.

Other less frequently used types of vacuum pumps are Puma and Panda root blowers, Dingo, Pather, and Tyr blowers, as well as Huckepack oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps.


German BUSCH company is one of the greatest manufacturers of vacuum pumps with flow rate up to 1600m3/h. Busch company was established in 1963.