Vacuum Pump Service and Overall

Our Vacuum Pump service technicians can overall, service and repair just about any make and model of vacuum pump on the market. When a pump is booked into our workshop for a vacuum pump service or complete overall. We strictly follow OEM service procedures according to European standards in line with, manuals and protocols adopted by International Service Centres. We therefore ensure that that the job is done according to manufacturer dis-assembly protocols, thereby minimising downtime while providing unequaled workmanship.

Vacuum Pump Service Technicians

All Vacuum pump service and repairs are the responsibility of one man which ensures accountability, a higher work ethic and workmanship. The dis-assembly process includes a very thorough inspection of all components to identify abnormalities causing wear and tear and potential failures in the future. The service technician responsible for the pump then prepares a thorough quotation and report, which he communicates to the customer directly. Reassembly is as mentioned above, done strictly by the book. Every attempt is made to minimise downtime while working toward a quick turnaround. We could potentially provide our customers with a rental pump to fill in on critical applications, depending on availability.

Vacuum Pump Service Brands

With years of experience in the vacuum pump service industry we have gained much sought after skills required to effectively repair service and overall all the leading vacuum pump brands such as, Elmo Rietschle, Pvp, Busch, Edwards, Leybold, Pfeiffer, Kinney, Varian, only to mention a few. We service and repair or overall any of the pump technologies available like, diffusion pumps, rotary pumps, freeze driers, Side Channel Blowers, Screw pumps, VC Oil Rotary Vane pumps, V. Dry Vane pumps, Dry Claw pumps VC Oil Rotary Vane etc.
We also supply we also supply vacuum pump parts and Vacuum Oil for all major Brands. We Produce Carbon Vanes in EK60 Material for Busch, Becker & Elmo Rietschle.
We manufacture glass Resin re-enforced Vanes for Becker, Busch Leybolt, PVR, Pneumafore, Pheiffer. For a free vacuum pump parts list click the link provided.