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Vacuum Packaging in Food Industry

Vacuum packaging is the world-wide requirements to guarantee fresh food on a daily basis. Manufacturers of food-grade packaging systems are therefore required to implement appropriate technologies to ensure that food products are delivered to the man on the street, while still fresh.Vacuum packaging has established itself probably the best means of conserving food products, while providing extremely effective protection against exposure to air, bacteria, mold and dryness. Whether it be vacuum packaged meats, sausages and cheese, fresh seafood packed in trays at a “modified atmosphere” or fruit and vegetables stored in a nitrogenous environment. Product-dependent packaging processes ensure that fresh food is available anywhere in the world at any time. Specialized vacuum pumps and compressors for oxygenous packaging processes are required that enable food packaging systems to operate with the shortest processing times and guaranteed freshness.

*** Vacuum packaging logistics for market-driven food products: In addition to standard demands such as freshness and long storage life, packaging and forwarding agents often require customized solutions. We will gladly assist you in optimizing your air-driven packaging processes.

Our intelligent vacuum pumps and compressors are extremely reliable and can be left in charge to control air supplies automatically. We also develop customized solutions for your packaging needs. These special solutions range from traditional vacuum packaging in table and chamber machines to advanced process gas supplies for tray packages and are available as oil-lubricated or oil-free rotary vane pumps.

Increasing competition on the global marketplace demands ever more efficient packaging lines. By implementing new packaging process technologies, you will reduce costs, increase productivity, secure existing markets and gain entrance to future ones. Throughout the industry, our many customers have learned to draw on our many years of expertise to assist them in implementing their goals.***

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